We specialise in small business accounting.

And with hundreds of happy clients, we’re confident we can help you with all your accountancy needs.

We’ve come a long way since our founder launched Tidy Money in a small office in North-West London back in 2008 – but we’ve never lost sight of our core mission, to simplify tax and accounting for small businesses and help free up business owners time.

Preetesh Parmar launched Tidy Money 14 years ago after recognising that many small business owners are great in their area of expertise – but often not so great with cash-flow forecasting, day-to-day bookkeeping or management accounts.

Preetesh wanted to set up a business that:

  • Helped simplify tax and accounting.
  • Freed up business owners time to focus on business growth and what they enjoyed.
  • Was streamlined and process driven to be affordable for all.
  • Was flexible and customisable enough to adapt to each individual business needs.

The business has flourished over the last 14 years, building specific areas of expertise.

There was never an appetite to grow Tidy Money to be the biggest accountancy firm in the UK. In fact, Preetesh had seen firsthand the challenges and disruption that came from trying to grow businesses too fast.

But Tidy Money has grown at a steady rate since 2008, bringing on additional qualified accountants year after year to help provide an exceptional service to our growing client base.

We’ve been lucky enough to generate a lot of our business from word-of-mouth referrals within specific industry sectors, and this has led to us building an in-house specialism for:

  • Accountancy for Landlords
  • Accountancy for Freelancers and Contractors
  • Accountancy for E-commerce businesses

But although these are our specialist areas, we’re able to support small businesses in most industries with all aspects of business accounting, including cash-flow forecasting, bookkeeping, tax returns, self-assessment, and year-end accounts.

Market leading expertise. Market leading technology. An exceptional accountancy service.

In addition to our highly qualified and motivated team of accountants, Tidy Money also uses market leading cloud accountancy technology that can integrate seamlessly with the technology of many businesses.

We are cloud accounting specialists, and would strongly encourage all of our clients to embrace cloud accounting for its many benefits:

  • Easy integration with many existing systems
  • In built reporting for easy understanding of finances
  • Sharing data and financial information across your business with ease
  • Reducing paperwork and being more environmentally friendly
  • Accessing your information on a variety of devices
  • Reducing your reliance on IT systems

Tidy Money are FreeAgent Gold Partners, and can provide full service management and support for any clients that wish to use FreeAgent as their cloud accounting system, as well as providing generous discounts for this award-winning platform.

We are also certified Xero partners, for small businesses who would prefer to use the cloud accounting services of this popular platform.

Evolving the business, with optional business consultancy via Pathway To Profits.

At Tidy Money, we absolutely offer the safe pair of hands and time-saving benefits you would expect from an experienced team of qualified accountants.

But as of 2022, we also go one step beyond.

After helping hundreds of different businesses over the last 14 years, we’ve been able to identify the common characteristics of businesses that enjoy growth and success, and also some typical behaviours or mistakes that have caused business challenges. 

We’ve taken over a decade of business observations and developed a programme called “Pathways to Profit” to help businesses grow their sales, boost their profits and transform their small business into a successful growing enterprise.

New for 2022, our founder Preetesh Parmar has personally developed this programme which helps businesses to:

  • Develop a clear path to scale with confidence
  • Enjoy greater sales and profits
  • Save money on taxes authentically and without surprise liabilities
  • Retain a healthy and consistent cashflow in any economic condition
  • Put easy to manage controls in place to monitor spending

In addition to the ongoing support of the ‘Pathways to Profit’ team, programme members will be provided with strategic planning reports, a bespoke financial model, scenario modelling to simulate and compare different variables, and fortnightly business mentoring and consulting.

There will also be 1-to-1 advice available from industry experts.

Client Testimonials

A huge thank you to our clients. It is really appreciated that you have taken the time & care to write these kind words.

I have been using Preetesh for my Creative Agency. I recommend his practice to many of my own clients. I say this often – Preetesh cares about your business!

I’m a Finacial Advisor, therefore very informed about how money can be used to my advantage.

I have been with Preetesh for over 10 years now. We have regular meetings and discussions about what I could do to make my money work harder. It’s refreshing to learn new things that even I hadn’t thought of.

Very happy. Thank you Preetesh.

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